Shower Onions Are TikTok’s Latest Trend

shower onions

Another day, another TikTok trend involving food. While some of the crazes that have emerged from the social media platform are useful and delicious (we’re looking at you, baked feta pasta) others, like a nacho table, don’t really seem to have much of a purpose. The latest food-centric trend with TikTok involves something called “shower onions” and while that might sound like a nonsensical prank, it turns out there actually is a logical and practical reason why some people opt to keep onions in their shower or bathroom.

Shower onions are a fun and useful TikTok trend that you should try. No, they don’t involve eating them in the shower or using them to wash your body – I know what you’re thinking! The explanation does make sense though; it’s all about making your hair look like an onion with this simple trick.

shower onions

What are shower onions on TikTok?

One of the first shower onion videos on TikTok showed a user checking her new boyfriend’s bathroom to make sure everything was on par with proper hygiene. She approved of his soaps, medicine cabinet contents, and general cleanliness. Then, she made note of the bowl of what she called “shower onions” on the back of his toilet and she seemed absolutely giddy at the thought of them being right there.

Shower onions aren’t a midnight snack meant to tide you over when you run to the bathroom, though. Instead, they are deodorizers! TikTok suggests keeping a bowl of onions in your bathroom to combat any smells that might not be able to get out if the room is poorly ventilated or doesn’t have a window.


#stitch with @karalynndunton i still love you girl. I’d stop eating the shower onions tho. #showeronion #funny #joke #DoritosFlatLife

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You might find shower onions in the bathroom, but they aren’t meant to be eaten. Because these are absorbed smells and often remain unpeeled, you won’t smell them directly. However, this means that every little particle is being stored inside of it as well; eating anything off a room-deodorizing onion isn’t safe either!

Shower onions were actually a thing before TikTok discovered them.

TikTok might have been the first place you heard about the shower onions, but many people were talking about it before a few users posted videos of their experiences. It’s sort of like putting sliced lemons or orange peels in your garbage disposal to get rid of rank odors. Putting onions in your bathroom is one of those little housekeeping tricks that have been around for a while.

shower onions

People have been putting onions in the bathroom to freshen up their air for a while now. They claim that you should slice them before placing them into your room or else they’ll rot and develop mold, so it’s best if you toss these out after two days of use. What on Earth will TikTok think up next?!