Waitress Was Struggling And Working Two Jobs When A Customer Stunned Her With A Huge Tip

Times are tough lately. My boyfriend and I rent a house in Winnipeg. I work 2 jobs. Full-time at Stonewall Family Foods and part-time waitressing at Regent Mongos Grill. Many days I wake up at 5:30 am, drive 45 min to work in Stonewall for a 7am-4pm shift, then drive an hour for a 5-10:30 pm shift at Mongo’s. It’s exhausting and not enough. Haven’t even saved up so I can finally go to secondary school. Debt is miserable and stressful.

Last night I took a coworkers shift to waitress and was given a different section than usual. The restaurant was at full capacity; people were waiting at the door for a table. I was behind and needed help from co-workers. It was obvious I was stressed and nervous to make a mistake. One table sat a woman and 3 teenage boys. I tried my best to cater their needs on time. The woman could see I was busy and anxious getting everything done on time yet tried to be kind and friendly.

When she was ready for payment, we made friendly small. They were all were very understanding.

Her payment was accepted, but I looked at the total and realized it was wrong.. she put way too much for a tip. I obviously told her of the mistake. In response, she started to record me. I was really confused. She then explained that she didn’t make a mistake. She could see how stressed I was and said I seemed like a very friendly girl, so I deserve it. After re-assuring she understood what she gave me in tips, I was in complete shock. I burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant and gave her numerous hugs. She gave me $1000.

The amazing woman is Lisa. I paid off my credit card, and now I can start saving up for school.

waitress gets huge tip

Keep up your head up and always treat every family member, friend, acquaintance, coworker, and stranger with respect. It may come out to help you one day.

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