Ever Wondered Why Your Bags Look So Damaged?

A baggage handler has been caught on camera throwing passengers’ luggage down a chute at Honolulu Airport.

The worker was filmed by a traveler who was situated in the terminal building and able to get a clear view of the baggage handler.

Instead of placing the bags gently onto the chute and allowing them to slide down, the ground staff worker simply throws each bag haphazardly often allowing them to bounce as they fall towards the bottom at quite a speed.

baggage handler throwing suitcases video

A passenger captured a ground crewmember at Honolulu Airport throwing luggage carelessly down a luggage chute while loading up a flight to Phoenix

No bags appear to be damaged during the incident however their contents are unknown.

‘The mystery of all my broken suitcases is solved — this is the ground crew at Honolulu loading up a @HawaiianAir flight to Phoenix,’ Vanessa Marsh, a reporter with the Australian newspaper The Courier-Mail, tweeted as she waited to board her flight.

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times since it was posted prompting Hawaiian Airlines to comment.

baggage handler throwing suitcases video

The bags are thrown in the air before landing on the chute at speed causing them to bounce

baggage handler throwing suitcases video

‘The mystery of all my broken suitcases is solved’, the passenger tweeted as the worked tossed one bag after another onto the metal slide

‘Aloha Vanessa, we’re very sorry to see this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention,’ they wrote.

‘The way these bags were handled is not acceptable and our Airport Operations Management team is addressing this situation. Thank you.’

The video was filmed at the start of May.

It is unclear what has become of the baggage handling agent since the airport was made aware of the footage.

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