Here Are The 15 Best Thrift Stores In NYC

If you’re ever looking for cool items, try thrift stores. You’ll probably find something rare in any of them. with such a wide variety of deals and discounts, you’ll be making multiple runs with recyclable bags in tow.

If you’re looking for some great deals on fashion, furniture, or vinyl in New York City then here are the best thrift stores in NYC.


Hailing from Japan, 2nd Street has been known as the go-to place for discerning shoppers who want to find a get-lucky deal on high-quality items.
In addition, The store sells high-quality items at great prices. Plus, their commitment to sustainability means that any nonsaleable product will go towards a charity or someone in need.


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The East Village is a haven for all sorts of finds. You’ll find vintage clothes, art pieces, and more interesting items on sale at the store founded by Liz Wolff who also has an ambitious mission: she wants to spread awareness about juvenile diabetes through her own experience being diagnosed with Type 1 as well. The shop offers unique items while its main goal is to raise funds for advocacy and juvenile diabetes research.


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Their Brooklyn store strives to be an environmentally friendly option for shoppers looking forward and vintage pieces at affordable prices, with the added mission of helping out organizations that support sustainability. Nine West is the place to go for affordable yet fashionable accessories. You can find leather boots, jewelry pieces, and vintage mini bags in stock!


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Instead of paying for items individually, you can now choose to buy them by the pound. This East Village thrift shop is taking shopping to a whole new level. Yep, you can spend between $7 and 20 dollars on a jacket, a shirt, or even a dress depending upon their weight.


Locals love this place. It’s the perfect spot for vintage finds and modern clothing, with four locations in Brooklyn or Manhattan. You can find designer brands like Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada for less than $100 at The Beacon’s Closet. They also support 50+ charities that provide clothing to those in need!


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Ledi and Elona, two NYC natives with an eye for vintage fashion had a plan to open up their own thrift store that focused on clothes from the ‘90s- to the early 2000s. The goal? To offer customers high-quality pieces at affordable prices—and they were successful. The next time you visit their Brooklyn spot, be prepared to step right into the era when visiting. Whether it’s an Ed Hardy dress or a graphic tee; they have something for everyone!


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Creative thinkers Andrew and Philip Pevzner set out to create a store inspired by streetwear in 2016, they opened their first shop. Five years later the brothers have expanded into five more locations across NYC & New Jersey – we’re sure glad that these creative minds came up with such an awesome idea. If you are a sneakerhead, then this store has what your heart desires. With brands like Yeezy and Supreme among their inventory, there is no shortage of kicks to choose from for any occasion. They also offer graphic tees, skater hoodies, and vintage pins and caps that will make all those who see them want one too.


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Emma Rogue, the founder of Rogue’s second-hand store in New York City started out selling her items on Depop before creating an online business and finally launching it this year. The 1990s are back and better than ever. With the help of social media (thank you, TikTok) this spot continues to be a hotspot for Y2K-inspired picks like graphic baby tees. You can find anything from ’90s Skechers or Prada shoulder bags.


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If you’re on the hunt for some unique clothes, then look no further than Monk Vintage. You won’t be able to find these styles anywhere else. You need something that will light up your life, like a pair of neon boots. Or maybe you want an old-school nickelodeon tee from 1990 with various stains on it- they’ve got those too! The selection at this Brooklyn thrift shop is like nothing else in New York.


The team behind Awoke Vintage found success in 2006 when they opened up an Australian market pop-up store that would later become a 19-year-old New York City store. For less than $100, customers can find clothes and beauty products. This store has been a favorite among designers, stylists, and production companies to find unique pieces for various projects. The hit show “The Americans” got some of their supplies in this store.


In the world of vintage clothing, there is no better place to find your treasure than at this store. With over 47 years in business and 50 locations across America. From bold and eccentric pieces to statement locks, here you’ll discover all the right ingredients for any occasion.


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Goodwill has been around for 120 years and continues to be an important resource in NYC communities. You can find furniture, books, or clothing at any location with a wide selection starting as low as $1!


Housing Works has been around for decades, and its core mission is to provide resources for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. They have many storefronts around the city which feature fashion, books, and home items (their furniture selection is particularly on point).


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The L Train Vintage is a family-owned business that has eight locations running across Brooklyn. This popular shopping spot specializing in vintage clothes can be found just about anywhere along the BK grey subway line. The stores pride themselves on offering high-quality vintage pieces and adding new merchandise at least three times a week.


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Crossroads Trading has been around for over 30 years, and it’s no surprise that there are now stores across America. The company was founded by Jerry Block & Chip Gerken when secondhand clothing was just starting to become popular. You can find a location and browse through current trends like ‘00s fashion, puffer jackets, or fringe. You might also want to check out their selling guide for cashback.

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