He Reveals The Best And Worst Things To Buy At The Dollar Store

Dollar stores are often associated with cheap, inferior products. There are many deals hidden among the aisles, but many of the products there are not even worth the cheap prices.

This helpful list was compiled to help guide you through some of the best deals around, as well as point out items that should be avoided at all costs.


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As long as you select items that look durable, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing glassware from the dollar store. Everything from drinking glasses to glass plates and bowls can be acquired at very reasonable prices there.

Household Products

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A lot of people don’t consider buying their cleaning products from dollar stores because they are not familiar with many of the brands that they carry, but brand-name cleaning products do exist there and are safe to purchase. In addition, kitchen items such as measuring cups, utensils, and trash bags are great items to obtain at the dollar store.

Party Supplies

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When it comes to party supplies, you can’t beat the prices at the dollar store. Party supplies are often single-use, disposable items, so “premium quality” is usually not a prevalent concern.


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Things like cotton balls, cotton swabs, and hand soaps are great finds at your local dollar store. Even children’s toothbrushes, which wear out pretty quickly, are of acceptable quality there. However, you should stay away from no-name items that you would put in your mouth, like toothpaste, or products applied on the skin, like face cream.

Craft Supplies

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Crafting supplies are quite expensive at many arts and crafts stores. Even a small handful of items can turn an enjoyable hobby into a pricey activity. Buying craft supplies at the dollar store will help save you money and keep you from feeling guilty about engaging in the arts and crafts that you truly enjoy.

Plastic Containers

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It’s always a good idea to keep a few inexpensive plastic containers at home. While you probably don’t want to be using them every day, they are great for guests to take home leftovers and for packing your kid’s lunch (let’s be realistic – kids tend to lose things at school quite often).

Seasonal Items

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When it comes to seasonal or holiday items, the dollar store should be your one-stop shop. These things barely see the light of day for most of the year, so investing a lot of money on them is not really worth it. The dollar store has fantastic items that can enhance your home decor and activities during the holidays.

Teaching Supplies

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Most dollar stores have an awesome section dedicated to teaching supplies and educational items. They are great for use in schools and at home. These sorts of items are often used for a short period of time, and these affordable prices ensure that kids can continuously engage in new activities.

Inexpensive Toys

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Walking your child down the toy aisle of any department store usually makes a parent cringe. There is always a very good chance that your child will see something that they really want that doesn’t fit in your budget, and it’s usually hard to justify paying premium prices for a toy that your kid may get tired of in a few weeks.

Here are a few things that you should avoid at the dollar store:


best worst dollar store

You might think that you’re getting a bargain when you purchase discount batteries at the dollar store, but many of them are of really cheap quality. They won’t last as long, which can be problematic if you are depending on its lifespan in an emergency (like in a flashlight). Hence, you will go through more of these batteries over time, which adds up.


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When it comes to something that you ingest for your health, you should never cheap out. Discount vitamins are not packed with as many nutrients as their name-brand counterparts.

Oven Mitts

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While they may look the same on the outside, cheap oven mitts do not protect your hands from extreme heat nearly as well as quality mitts. For something that is designed specifically to protect you, you should avoid items of subpar quality.


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