What Happened To Kaitlin Armstrong?

kaitlin armstrong

A Love Triangle that Never Existed Leads to Murder

Love triangles can be a messy situation. If one person in a relationship suspects their partner of cheating without any solid proof, it can lead to many different outcomes. It might just be an indication that trust is lacking between them which could also potentially end up being tragic – just like what happened to the story of Kaitlin Armstrong.

The death of Moriah “Mo” Wilson, a bright young cyclist with her entire life and career ahead of her, kicks off Dateline’s 31st season. She was naturally friends with other bikers, such as Colin Strickland.

Kaitlin Armstrong, a Texas-based yoga instructor who had a tendency to occasionally become jealous, was the person Strickland was dating. Although Wilson and Strickland were only friends, they did have a brief relationship, but that was ages ago. Armstrong’s worries about their friendship, though, remained persistent. Was this what motivated her to kill? What has happened to Kaitlin Armstrong? Dateline has given us answers.


Where is Kaitlin Armstrong Now?

Kaitlin Armstrong is currently awaiting trial for murder. According to KXAN, Armstrong could spend up to 99 years in prison if found guilty. After a 43-day manhunt that ended at the hostel where Armstrong was hiding out after she allegedly killed Wilson on May 11 in Austin, Texas, she was apprehended in Costa Rica on June 29, 2022.

According to ABC News, Armstrong was questioned by police the day after Wilson was killed regarding surveillance footage that showed her Jeep Grand Cherokee outside of the residence where Wilson was killed. On a technicality, they later released Armstrong. She sold the same Jeep on May 13 and left the country.

Early in June, a tip about Armstrong’s whereabouts brought the detectives to Costa Rica. How did the target of a massive manhunt board a plane undetected? Using a passport that isn’t your own is advantageous. If Armstrong stole the passport, there is another crime to add to the list, Law & Crime Network’s Brian Buckmire noted to ABC News. However, if she received it, the giver is now considered an accessory.

kaitlin armstrong

Deputy U.S. Marshall Brandon Filla stated Armstrong was hiding out under numerous aliases during a press conference following her arrest: “It was discovered Armstrong used multiple names, under the aliases Beth Martin, Liz, and Ari Martin.”

Armstrong dramatically altered her appearance as if this wasn’t suspicious enough. Based on the plastic surgery voucher they discovered in Armstrong’s things, detectives suspect she likely had her nose changed in addition to having her hair trimmed and dyed. Despite all of this, she was finally taken into custody by the police.

The Cycling Community in Austin Was Shocked by the Murder of Moriah Wilson

All of this started when cyclist Colin Strickland, Armstrong’s live-in partner, visited Wilson while she was in Austin for a cycling competition. According to the New York Post, Strickland “snuck out” to see Wilson on May 11 without telling Armstrong where he was going. Wilson was dropped off by Strickland just moments before Armstrong was seen on the aforementioned video surveillance pulling up to the apartment where Wilson was staying.

kaitlin armstrong

According to the report of The Independent, Wilson’s companion went back to her apartment at 10 p.m. and saw “Wilson lying on the bathroom floor covered in blood from several gunshot wounds.” Until the police arrived, the said friend performed CPR on Wilson, but she was already declared dead. Wilson’s passing stunned and devastated her friends and family.

What has Become of Colin Strickland?

Nine days after Wilson’s murder, KVU investigative reporter Tony Plohetski tweeted a response from Strickland. “I am reeling from grieving Mo Wilson’s death and from the facts that have emerged during the investigation.” Then he added, “I cannot begin to imagine the pain felt by Mo’s family and her close friends.”

Colin Strickland continued by assuring everyone that he would completely cooperate with the law enforcement and reaffirming the friendship he had with Wilson as strictly platonic.

Following Wilson’s death, a number of cycling sponsors, including “component firm Enve Composites, bicycle company Specialized, and apparel brand Rapha,” according to Outside magazine, have ditched Strickland. Additionally, Strickland will no longer represent Allied Cycle Works at races in the future, in accordance with a statement from the company. His Instagram account is now switched to private.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is Kaitlin Armstrong?

Kaitlin Armstrong, a yoga teacher in Texas, was accused of murdering professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson. Trying to suppress evidence in the case, Kaitlin Armstrong’s attorney filed two affidavits.

Q. How was Kaitlin Armstrong found in Costa Rica?

Armstrong was found and taken into custody at a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach in Provincia de Puntarenas by the U.S. Marshals, Homeland Security, and Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, in collaboration with Costa Rican law enforcement. In order to assist with surveillance, Costa Rican police enforcement followed Armstrong from the airport to a bus and finally to Santa Teresa Beach, as reported by Fox 7 Austin.

Q. What charges does Armstrong face?

Armstrong was charged with murder by a Travis County grand jury, which carries a five to 99-year prison sentence or life sentence. Armstrong is also charged with fleeing the country illegally to avoid prosecution. Federal court will hear the unauthorized flight charge.

Q. How was Anna Moriah killed?

Having been shot numerous times inside a residence on May 11, Wilson, a 25-year-old Vermont native who was in Austin, Texas, for a cycling competition, was discovered bleeding and unconscious by a friend. At the scene, she was pronounced deceased.