Biker Club Takes On 7-Year-Old’s School Bullies

Bullying, as most of us know all too well, is a virtual epidemic for kids these days. Anything that makes you be perceived as “different” can bring on taunts, verbal attacks, and worse.

Such was the case for Audrianna Reynolds, age seven, whose passion is for riding dirt bikes. The charming young girl’s mom Alexandria told ABC News that she thinks because her daughter is a bit of a tomboy, she has been the victim of bullying at her school in Toledo, Ohio.

Like any mom, Alexandria didn’t like seeing her daughter’s spirit get picked on. So when she found out about a police group called The Punishers, she decided to enlist their help. And they were more than happy to comply.

Why? Because this Toledo law enforcement motorcycle club has a soft spot for kids, and an equally passionate outlook on motorcycles.

Of course, this group – made up of guys who look more like Hells Angels than law-enforcement officers – have slightly more expensive toys than Audrianna’s, but they could relate. So when the whole crew showed up at her house one day, at her mother’s behest, to show her that she mattered, it was possibly the best day ever for the little second-grader.

Not only did she get hugs and promises of on-call protection from all the tough guys, she even got a very snazzy motorcycle helmet and a special ride to school on the back of one of The Punishers’ motorcycles.

No doubt a few fellow classmates’ jaws dropped when they saw the posse of bodyguards arrive at the school yard with Audrianna. And now, the little girl not only no longer gets bullied, she most probably gets a whole new level of respect every single day.


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