They Cut Down A Bloodwood Tree And Found That It’s Hiding Something Very Strange…

The Pterocarpus angolensis is native to South Africa and has long been revered for the healing properties of its sap. It is said to cure a myriad of ills, but there’s one little catch…

At first glance, it looks like any other tree, but it’s hiding something very weird.

blood wood tree 1

The tree has another name – the bloodwood tree – and you can see where it gets it.

blood wood tree 2

When the tree is cut, the sap is reflexively generated to clean and heal the “wound.”

blood wood tree 3

And it’s blood-red.

blood wood tree 4

Locals use the sap to cure eye problems, stomach bugs, and to encourage the production of breast milk.

blood wood tree 5

The wood itself is highly sought after by furniture builders as well.

blood wood tree 6

In fact, it’s so popular that the number of bloodwoods is rapidly declining.

blood wood tree 7

The sap may serve a useful purpose, but it still looks like something out of a horror film.

blood wood tree 8

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