Young Boy Steals The Show By Absolutely Nailing This Kelly Clarkson Hit

This 2011 “Britain’s Got Talent” performance by a young Ronan Parke sounds absolutely heavenly. Notice the full choir producers bring on to accompany him during the dramatic ending of his performance of “Because of You.” The performance of the song originally recorded by the first “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson, stuns the crowd.

“Ronan, I actually wrote down, ‘Ronan will win this competition if he nails it.'” Judge David Hasselhoff said. “And, buddy, you nailed it. It was perfect.” The adoration and admiration by all the judges seemed to overwhelm the young performer by the end, as he looked relieved, smiling and tearing up upon the conclusion of their comments.

Parke came in second behind Jai McDowall – he still faired well, he still received a £1 million recording contract.


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