Adorable Chipmunk’s Reaction When Caught Stealing Red-Handed

If you enjoy feeding the birds in your own backyard, then you know the list of pests you are up against. Squirrels are the most notorious. They are known to pull down feeders, chew on them, pollute the bird bath, and that’s not even accounting for all the food they eat before the birds even get a chance. Mice can also be a problem if the feed is not stored properly. Generally, chipmunks do not present themselves as competition for the bird’s dinner, but, if there’s an opportunity, these little guys will exploit it just like the rest.

When it comes to behavior, if you’ve encountered a squirrel in your backyard, you may well use the term, “brazen.” They will likely act as though it is their yard, and continue eating whatever they like, despite your best efforts. Then, we’re back to the chipmunks. Their actions, observed by most of us, would likely earn a minor reprimand, as given by this backyard enthusiast. The reaction here, though, is priceless …


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