He Rubs This Candle On His Bathroom Tiles. The Reason Why Is Brilliant

Pretty much anyone who rents/owns their own property will be familiar with the fact that keeping your place looking spiffy requires some effort. When I first moved out several years ago, I quickly realized one of life’s saddest truths: the grout between your bathroom tiles gets filthy and needs to be cleaned regularly, and it’s possibly the biggest pain to clean in the whole house.

It was one of those occasions where I just refused to believe that there wasn’t a better way out there. It’s 2015, mankind has been to the moon and back, all of humanity’s creativity and knowledge is instantly available in the palm of our hands … so how are we still scrubbing mold off bathroom tile grouts?

It turns out there’s actually a pretty easy solution. A little bit of candle wax rubbed into these spaces will repel water and keep your tiles looking fresh a lot longer between cleanings.


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