Meet Coby, A Blue-Eyed Cat With The Most Striking Good Looks

Coby is anything but a normal kitty, he has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen!  He even has more Instagram followers than you can imagine, he’s the cat everyone is talking about!

Coby is the internet’s favorite cat. Not only does he have great style…
coby the cat 1

But his eyes are the BLUEST you’ll ever see!
coby the cat 2

With over 340,000 Instagram followers, he’s one extremely popular kitty.
coby the cat 3

But that doesn’t mean Coby doesn’t do normal kitty things like sitting in the sink…
coby the cat 4

…Or playing dress-up…
coby the cat 5

…Or fitting into the tiniest places. After all, he’s just a normal cat on the inside and doesn’t even know he’s famous!
coby the cat 6

According to his Instagram account, Coby loves “tuna, stealing covers & playing with (his) ducky in the tub.”
coby the cat 7

What a romantic! 😉
coby the cat 8

coby the cat 9

coby the cat 10

coby the cat 11

coby the cat 12

coby the cat 13

coby the cat 14

coby the cat 15

coby the cat 16

coby the cat 17

What an adorable, unique cat! Be sure to keep up with Coby’s shenanigans by following him on Instagram. 🙂

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