He Turns This Pile Of Jenga Blocks Into A Brilliant Drinking Game

Here is a new twist to a favorite board game, Jenga. The classic tower stacking game that requires a keen eye and a steady hand, has been updated for an adult crowd. At your next party, surprise your guests with each game piece containing a truth or dare challenge to make things more interesting.

All you need to do is find your old Jenga set and write a truth or dare question on each piece. Then assemble the tower, pour some drinks and get ready to play.

How to play truth or dare Jenga: each person will take a turn selecting a piece. Once they select their piece, they must read their truth or dare challenge written on the block out loud to the group.

The person must do the challenge before stacking it on top of the tower. If they do not want to do the challenge, they must drink.

The game ends when someone knocks over the tower.

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