He Calls In To Order Pizza From Dominos And Gets An Amazing Surprise

When veteran Justin Lane was in the hospital, he decided to order a pizza. He called the local Domino’s franchise and placed his order. When the restaurant employee asked where the pizza was to be delivered, Lane told her to deliver it to him at Brooke Army Medical Center. When the employee asked why he was in the hospital, he told her.

In 2011, Lane had a life-changing experience. He was on a tour of duty with the Army in Afghanistan when the truck he was riding in made contact with an improvised explosive device. When the 200-pound device exploded, no only was the truck irreparably damaged, so was Lane. Lane told KENS 5 that the force of the explosion ripped off both of his legs, snapped his pelvis in two, dislocated his spine and shattered his right arm. The only things left intact after the explosion were his heart and left lung.

Looking at Lane, it’s hard to tell that he went through so much trauma in service to his country. He sings with his band “J.P. Lane and The A-Team” in San Antonio every week and is a motivational speaker.

dominos pizza surprise veteran 1

After Lane told the Domino’s employee why he was in the hospital, he waited on his pizza to arrive. When it arrived, Lane was surprised at what he received. In addition to the pizza, he received a free dessert and a handmade card from the employees of the establishment.

Lane was so moved by the random act of kindness that he told the world about what the Domino’s employees at Fort Sam Houston had done for him in a Facebook post.

Lane said to KENS 5 that kindness from strangers keeps active and former military members going. “There are 22 veterans or soldiers that commit suicide every single day,” Lane said. “You don’t know what that handshake, that ‘Thank you for your service,’ that one minute of your time, could have done for that one soldier.”

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