Rescuers Saw A Whale Tangled In A Net And Spent 5 Hours Trying To Set Him Free

Luckily, there are people like James Moskito, who do their best to help animals in distress! When James and his team of professional divers saw a whale entangled in a fisherman’s crab net, they acted immediately.


“Some of the individual ropes went into the blubber two or three inches deep. I put my hand on the whale and I told the whale, ‘Okay. This is gonna hurt.’ The whale was so cooperative, it would open its mouth and a guy would put his hand up inside of it and pull pieces of rope out of the baleen, one by one,” James said fondly.

After five long hours of diving and cutting yards of rope, the team was finally able to free the whale. Just before it swam away forever, the whale nudged and bumped into each of the team members as if to say, “goodbye.”

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