Once Drug Addicted Puppy Reunites With The Police Who Rescued Him

When police in California raided a motel room last March, they not only arrested a guy named Joshua West for having big quantities of drugs; they were also shocked to find his dog Bubba to be under the influence of narcotics.

The young terrier mix was either exposed to fumes or accidentally ingested something he was never meant to digest. Luckily, Bubba was taken to Orange County Animal Care to get clean and is doing so much better now. “As of this moment we are not sure how Bubba ingested the narcotics,” Sgt. Andy Birozy said. “We were definitely concerned when we saw Bubba in his condition and did everything we could to make sure he received the best care possible.  Bubba is doing great and more playful than ever.” The pooch has recently met one of the officers that saved him and he just couldn’t contain his excitement. While the pup still has some treatment to undergo, there are already plenty of people who are willing to adopt him!

Drug addict Bubba has recently met one of the officers that saved him

drug addict puppy saved 1

The poor pup was exposed to heavy drugs by his previous owner and needed some serious treatment

drug addict puppy saved 2

Now after a dog rehab, Bubba was glad to see one of his rescuers

drug addict puppy saved 3

And he just couldn’t contain his excitement!

Watch the full video here:


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