How Flowerpots Were Turned Into A Beautiful Birdbath

When it comes to gardening, it’s not just the flowers and plants that require your attention and creativity. The decoration and embellishments that you incorporate into your garden play quite an important role as well. From flowerpots to backyard ponds, there are plenty of backyard items that can take your garden to a whole new level.

Just ask Beth from Home Stories A to Z. Rather than purchasing a regular birdbath from the store, she decided to create her own. And this isn’t just your regular DIY birdbath, mind you. Beth’s birdbath actually sits atop a tower of topsy-turvy flower planters. Indeed, the birdbath is just the sweet cherry on top of a masterpiece. It may look magical to you, but it’s actually quite simple to make!

What you’ll need:

8″ tall terracotta pot for the base (1)
6″ tall pots (4)
4″-5″ tall pot (1)
62″ rebar
Spray paint (color of your choice)
Spray-paint primer
Pendant-light cover
Dome cover of a flush-mount ceiling light (or a bowl)
Small ceramic birds (or other decorative add-ons)
DAP household/aquatic adhesive

flowerpots to birdbath 1

She began by priming all of her pots and then spray-painting them in the color of her choice. Beth chose to use Valspar paint in Exotic Sea.

flowerpots to birdbath 2

To determine the length required for the rebar, she totaled the height of all the pots, then added 24 inches to the sum. For Beth, her rebar needed to be 62 inches long, so she took the 10-foot rebar that she had purchased and cut it to size with a hacksaw.

flowerpots to birdbath 3

Next, she inserted the rebar two feet into the ground with a hammer – deep enough to withstand the weight of the “toppling” flowerpots.

flowerpots to birdbath 4

Then, she threaded her pots through the upright rebar, filling each one with soil. To create the topsy-turvy appearance, she alternately tilted the pots right and left.

flowerpots to birdbath 5

When you reach the last pot, you might notice the rebar sticking out a bit more than it should. In this case, simply hammer the rebar a bit further into the ground.

flowerpots to birdbath 6

To add the finishing touches to the structure, she placed the dome cover of a flush-mount light on top of the last pot. While the dome can only sink so far into the flowerpot, it should be able to touch the rebar. She used some DAP household/aquatic adhesive to affix the little bird on the edge of the dome and to enclose the space between the dome and the rebar.

flowerpots to birdbath 7

The adhesive requires a day to cure, so do not immediately fill your dome (i.e., the birdbath) with water. However, you can start planting your flowers and completing your awesome flowerpot tower! For the full details of this creative gardening project, be sure to check out Beth’s post here.

flowerpots to birdbath 8

As you can see, this DIY project is simple to follow and can be customized to your taste. How cute are the alternating colors on the pots?

flowerpots to birdbath 9

If you love the idea of making your own birdbath, then check out this charming DIY birdbath by Mary LaPalm on BetterBudgeting.

flowerpots to birdbath 10

Here is one by Sheri on Crafters Love Crafts. Just look at the design on this one!

flowerpots to birdbath 11

flowerpots to birdbath 12


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