She Decided To Give Her Grandma A Makeover And The Result Is Beautiful

No matter how old you are, you deserve to beautiful.

That was the message that Tea Flego, a makeup artist from Crotia, wanted her grandmother to know! Flego’s adorable grandmother became a viral sensation after Flego began posting photos of her granny’s makeup transformations online.

grandma in makeup


We think Flego’s grandma is pretty fierce. See for yourself!

Tea Flego has a gift for making people look amazing.

One of her favorite canvases is her 80-year-old grandma Livia Mulac. Flego said that while growing up, her grandma would always be her model so that she could practice her makeup skills.

Mulac has now been given the name Glam-Ma.

grandma in makeup

Flego’s work has gone viral and now Glam-Ma is kind of a big deal!

Flego said that her grandma has become “a mascot in her nursing home. Her friends call her a star.”

grandma in makeup

The contour, the lashes, the pink lip, the eyebrows.

It’s just all so fabulous! Flego says that her grandma’s favorite part of the look is how the wrinkles are blended in.

Glam-Ma’s 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, are all “so proud,” according to Flego.

grandma in makeup

Glam-Ma is soaking up the attention too!

“How beautiful it is to travel the whole world and not to set a step away from my nursing home,” she said.

We think Glam-Ma looks beautiful before and after her makeover! No matter how old you are, you should always feel beautiful.

grandma in makeup

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