He Needed Someone To Play Piano So He Called Upon An Audience Member, And It Changed His Life Forever

In 1985, Dave Tolley got a ticket to see The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  He never imagined it would be the day his life would totally change. Although Tolley had been playing piano for years, he was still waiting for his big break. He got that chance when the musical act Johnny Carson previously booked canceled at the last minute. So Carson turned to the audience and asked for a volunteer!  Tolley was dressed in a t-shirt and sandals.  He nailed a version of Memories from the Broadway show “Cats.” The audience roared with delight and he got the attention of Johnny Carson who invited him back on the show a few months later, this time as a featured guest. Tolley’s appearance catapulted his career and he went on to write seven musicals as well as compose music for Disney theme parks.

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