Cashier Made This Mother Burst Into Tears, So She Posted A Powerful Message On Facebook…

So I was buying groceries with my link card, and also baby bath soap and deodorant with the only five dollar bill  I have to my name.  I had checked my card balance beforeI got to the store and thought I had $120, but as  I found out at the checkout aisle, the number wasn’t up to date and I only had $70.  You saw my embarrassment as I handed items back, just trying to make sure I could bring food home to my son.

You were very patient and kind as we worked out how to get my balance right. Then it came time to p ay for my deodorant and baby soap.  The price on the soap was actually a couple of dollars more than had been labeled, and I was going to have to leave behind the deodorant that I desperately needed so that my baby could have a bath, and that was ok. I was willing to do it.

But you didn’t let me leave it behind You reached into your own pocket and gave me the extra money so I could buy both items.

I cried the entire drive home,  not over the left behind groceries, but over your kindness. You had no idea what a rough couple of months it’s been for my family. You had no clue how much that two dollars meant to me, but it was huge.

I wish I’d gotten your name so I could call Wal-Mart and tell them just what an incredible person they have working for them. I wish there was some way I could repay you for what you did n=for me. Instead, I’m writing this post, just on the off chance that maybe you will see it on Facebook. You probably won’t, but I hope you do.

There are great people in the world today,  and you’re  one of them. I’ll never forget you and what you did for me.  Thank you. I wish you every good thing in the world.

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