Brave Man Rescued Trapped Pregnant Woman From An Auto Accident

I witnessed an accident on I-10 heading back towards New Orleans on the west bank. A girl made a lane change and caught the bumper of a tractor-trailer and the truck pushed her sideways for a minute.

She cut loose from the truck and went into the ditch towards the service drive and caught in the fence. I immediately pulled over to help. This was happening during rush hour on a friday at 5 pm. Her car was stuck between the fence and smoke and then a fire started coming from under the hood and she couldn’t get the door open.

I climbed over a 10 foot cyclone fence cutting both my arms at the top. I got over and had to pull the door with all my strength to get it open, by this time the smoke was getting real bad from the hood. I open the door and the girl was 8 months pregnant.

Had to cut the seat belt and got her up to the service drive, turned around and fire was coming up the windshield. During this entire episode NOT ONE PERSON other than myself stopped to assist. At that moment though I heard a voice and looked up to see a nurse who had heard all the noise from a Dr office on the service drive, looked out the window and did come out to help.

I swear when I looked up and she said can I help, she had a light surrounding her that looked like an angel. To this day I think what would have happened to that girl and her baby if I hadn’t stopped.

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