This Little Boy Tests For His White Belt In Taekwondo, And His Determination Will Leave You In Awe

Taekwondo is a self-defense practice that dates back to 1946. Martial arts schools, called “kwans,” opened in Seoul shortly after World War II. Teakwondo is an umbrella term typically used to describe the kwan’s new post-war techniques. It’s growing popularity during the ’40s and ’50s was also largely due to the South Korean military’s adaptation of the unique fighting style.

Since the mid 20th century, Taekwondo has become a worldwide form of exercise, discipline, muscle memory development, self-defense and much more. Children are especially prone to the positive effects of the sport. This little guy is no exception. When his instructor asks him to break a board for his white belt inauguration, he struggles a bit. But every time he fails, he stands up and tries again. His level of determination is something everyone should share.


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