They Told Mom To Open The Closet. What She Found Inside Left her In Complete Shock…

There’s no greater feeling than celebrating a birthday with your family and friends by your side. Unfortunately, for most military families, birthdays are often spent without a certain loved one.

Sometimes, these service members get the opportunity to fly home from deployment and opt to make a grand birthday surprise. And they are nothing short of epic.

It’s hard not to smile watching the adorable moment a Navy dad surprised his twin daughters during their birthday meal. Same goes for the young girl who got her tearful wish to have her military mom home for her birthday.

Below is a military mom who had no idea her son had flown home to be there for her birthday. Her other children were in on the surprise and told her to go open the bedroom closet, where her son was hiding.

The moment he pops out of the closet to surprise her is absolutely priceless. The happy mom shrieks at the top of her lungs, so you might want to lower the volume just a bit!

And it’s clear just how much they missed each other from how long they embrace after the lovely surprise.

“My baby’s home,” the mom kept repeating while shedding tears.


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