She Buried These Milk Jugs In The Soil To Keep Her Garden Healthy

Keeping a green garden would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to to tend to it every day. After all, plants and flowers require a lot of love and attention, but we don’t always have the time (or energy!) to maintain them the way we should.

But one woman discovered an incredible way to keeping her garden healthy without breaking a sweat. And when you see how she did it, you’ll be surprised no one had thought of this before!

First, she drew holes on two milk jugs and carefully poked them out with a knife. This is to allow the plants’ roots to reach the reservoirs.

milk jugs in soil 1

Next, two holes were cut into the other sides of the jugs. These holes allowed her to connect the jugs later in the process.

milk jugs in soil 2

Another entry point was created in the form of a long slit on the third side of the jugs. This allowed water that accumulated in the bottom of the planter to seep into the irrigation system.

milk jugs in soil 3

The two jugs were then connected using the two large holes at the bottom; the top of one was placed into the side of the other.

milk jugs in soil 4

One of the four jugs feeds water into the other.

milk jugs in soil 5

Finally, all four jugs were connected by placing the top of one into the hole of another.

milk jugs in soil 6

The jugs are now ready to go in their planter!

milk jugs in soil 7

The irrigation system was placed on top of a bottom layer of fertilized dirt and underneath another layer of the same.

milk jugs in soil 8

The top layer of dirt was added next, with the tiny overflow holes close to the top of the soil. A larger plastic funnel allows for easy watering over the top of the plastic bottle with the opening facing up.

milk jugs in soil 9

When plants are placed in the soil, it should look something like this. Remember to use soil for potted plants for the best results!

milk jugs in soil 10

What a brilliant idea. I can’t wait to try this in my own little garden!


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