Most People Cannot Find The Mistake In This Image In Less Than 5 Seconds…

Everybody loves brain teasers. It’s a fun way to exercise your mind and keep your brain fresh.  Most of us only use one part of our brain so when you get a chance to stretch the logic and creative side of yourself, take advantage.

This brain teaser is a test of your vision and reasoning. You are given some text and an image and it is your job to discover the one thing that is incorrect. Trust us when we say it’s more difficult than it looks. Are you up for the challenge?

There is one problem with the image below. Can you find the mistake?

mistake in image 1

Do you see it? Hint: it helps to read it out loud. If you’re still stuck, scroll down to see the answer.

And the mistake is …

mistake in image 2

… “the” is repeated twice. It seems so obvious now, right? If you didn’t get it, don’t worry, maybe just stay away from a career as an editor.


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