This Mom Made Amazing Use Of Her $12. Minutes Later, The Kids Are Truly Enjoying It…

The weather is nice outside, really nice. With the sun beaming down, a slight, therapeutic breeze, I stepped outside, and I thought to myself, “I am now in heaven.” As we’re going to be deep into spring and soon summer will be upon us, we’ll be spending more time outside, so that means more fun outdoor activities.

This one is a complete gem, though. Only costs $12 and 30 minutes. Not many dollars, not much time. How can you lose? 

Leisha, mom to toddler girls, started with this: painter’s plastic.

mom's amazing idea

Most people use duct tape, but instead the blogger decided to iron, creating a leak-proof seal. 

mom's amazing idea 3

The seal created is great, so nothing can leak out, which is a fatal flaw in most of the other water blobs.

mom's amazing idea 4

Time to fill it up!

mom's amazing idea 5

To make it uber cool, she added some coloring halfway through filling it up.

mom's amazing idea 6

SUCCESS. Two very happy toddlers.

mom's amazing idea 7

Ahhhhhhh! It feels so good. 🙂

mom's amazing idea 8

Here’s what the dad did. Cool, right?

mom's amazing idea 9

Happy kids = happy dad!

mom's amazing idea 10(Source)

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