25 Parenting Tips That Will Instantly Make Your Life Easier

Here are a few simple tricks to make your life significantly easier and your kids will love them too! 

Making their least favorite food pretty and tasty.

Parenting life tips1

Cut a sticker into two halves and put them into your kid’s shoes so that they know which one is left and which one is right.

Parenting life tips2

Use an empty shampoo bottle to make washing hands easier.

Parenting life tips3

Give your kid a fancy knitted hat — cold and flu will never be a problem again. Convincing them to take it off will probably be more problematic.

Parenting life tips4

Parenting life tips5

Making a hammock is no big deal — you just need a table and a blanket!

Parenting life tips6

Give an old crib a new life by turning it into a place for your kid’s artistic pursuits.

Parenting life tips7

Put down a pool noodle or any other soft material to ensure that your kid doesn’t fall off the bed in his/her sleep.

Parenting life tips8

An old DVD box can be used as a storage box for paper and pencils.

Parenting life tips9

If your child likes water balloons, use a soap dispenser.

Parenting life tips10

Stick a stop-note onto the wall, and your kid will know exactly how much paper they need.

Parenting life tips11

Make a phone number bracelet. If your child gets lost, you’ll be found in no time!

Parenting life tips12

Ice-cream won’t drip if you use a plastic cup lid.

Parenting life tips13

A simple rubber band won’t let your child get locked in.

Parenting life tips14

Use a bed sheet to shelter your kid from sunstroke and beetle bites.

Parenting life tips15

Outline your baby’s feet with a marker, so that you can buy their shoes without them.

Parenting life tips16

If you are tired, but your kid wants you to push them on a swing, use a rope.

Parenting life tips17

Your baby’s toys won’t float away if you bathe them in a laundry basket.

Parenting life tips18

If your child is afraid of monsters in the night, give him a weapon against them!

Parenting life tips19

Use a pool noodle, and your kid won’t catch their fingers in the door.

Parenting life tips20

Put a decorative straw upside down in the glass — that way your kid won’t take it out and spill the liquid on themselves.

Parenting life tips21

Nail some shelves to a chest of drawers so that your child has a place to put their magazines and comic books.

Parenting life tips22

Make a game out of housework.

Parenting life tips23


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