Put All Your Cents Together And These Unique Crafts Will Be The Result

When you find a penny heads up, it’s supposed to be good luck. If you have an overflowing change jar,you can use them for these 19 D.I.Y.’s that will shine up your space. All they take is a handful of cents.

1. This stamped penny necklace serves as an inspirational pun.

penny crafts 1

2. Framed penny art is an interesting way to use discolored coins.

penny crafts 2

3. No one at the party will be wearing this.

penny crafts 3

4. Flattening and sanding pennies before adding them to a necklace chain gives a more bohemian look.

penny crafts 4

5. Need buttons? Look no further than pennies.

penny crafts 5

6. If copper just isn’t your thing, spray-paint them!

penny crafts 6

7. An old black mirror goes from blah to bling when framed with pennies.

penny crafts 7

8. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, make an entire penny tabletop. Bonus points for geometric patterns like these.

penny crafts 8

9. These 5 cent napkin rings will be the talk of your next dinner party.

penny crafts 9

10. Breakfast in bed, served on a penny tray? Yes, please!

penny crafts 10

11. A penny bar is modern, yet rustic.

penny crafts 11

12. But if you don’t have that much space, a penny table is just as neat.

penny crafts 12

13. If you want to start slowly, try a penny vase.

penny crafts 13

14. Once you get good enough to make a penny horse, you’ve arrived.

penny crafts 14

15. It was once loose change, now it’s in control of the kitchen.

penny crafts 15

16. Pennies aren’t just for the birds anymore … although birds like them too.

penny crafts 16

17. A penny here, a penny there, and before you know it, you’ve built a wall!

penny crafts 17

18. Or just a really cool accent …

penny crafts 18

19. Or this unbelievable floor. Either way, we’re impressed!

penny crafts 19


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