Police Officer Runs Into Burning House To Rescue Puppy In Trouble

When Officer Robert Breitfeller arrived, the house was already billowing smoke. Neighbors told him there was no one inside the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, home, except for a pit bull puppy.

pit bull puppy rescue

Breitfeller didn’t hesitate, according to a Facebook post by the Stroud Area Regional Police Department, and smashed down the front door down.  Then, Breitfeller disappeared into the haze.

Several anxious moments later, he emerged with a frightened puppy clinging to his chest.

pit bull puppy rescue

‘Smokey,’ as officers called him, was soon returned to his owner, unharmed by the fire. But we wouldn’t blame the puppy if he clung a little longer to his hero’s chest.

There is, after all, a big warm heart in that uniform.

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