Beware, China Is Making Rice From Plastic – Here’s How To Spot It

We’ve all heard the horror stories about products from China. Dog food that has killed pets. “Faux” fur that turns out to be made from rabbits, cats, and dogs. And yet, almost everything we buy is now made in this Asian country.

plastic rice china

With many human foods now being imported, we really need to know what we’re ingesting. And most of us probably read food labels vigilantly, to check for protein, fat, and sugar. But do we really even understand half the ingredients on the labels of many processed, canned, or boxed foods we all eat? Of course not. Ingredients with long scientific sounding names all look the same, and who has the time to think about that?

Of course, we all know why manufacturers use processed foods with chemicals added: shelf life and cost controls. The less “fresh” a product is, the longer it can sit…and sit…and sit on a supermarket shelf before someone snaps it up. And that means less waste from a producer’s standpoint. But from yours, it likely means a major health concern.

plastic rice china

But now a shocking discovery about one food product we all think is benign is shaking up Asian countries. Although this particular scary trend hasn’t yet arrived in America, that doesn’t mean it never could. And it also means you need to be hyper-vigilant when you travel.

What product, you ask? Well, wait for it: RICE! Yes, the substance we all think of as the one to eat when you have an upset stomach is now being manufactured in such a way that it could easily CAUSE a stomach upset, and much, much worse.

How so, you ask? Well, some Chinese rice manufacturers are actually producing a “fake” rice that is made out of PLASTIC! But surely you would know if you were eating plastic rice, you say. Not necessarily. These producers go to great lengths to disguise their food misdeeds.

plastic rice china

The Korean Times reported recently that the formula for this horror involves combining sweet potatoes with regular potatoes and then mixing in a synthetic resin product, which is, in essence: plastic. So yes, plastic rice is now being sold and consumed across Asia, and it is, not surprisingly, making people very, very sick. It’s sprayed with a fragrance that resembles a real and very high-end natural rice, so even the most sophisticated palate can be fooled.

If you plan on traveling to Asia, we suggest you ensure that anything you ingest is made in reputable facilities with excellent quality control. The last thing you want when away from home is to end up in a hospital with plastic poisoning, so be vigilant.

There are online tests to determine whether any given rice is made from plastic, so make use of those if you are concerned.

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