Police Officer In Florida Rescues A Crying Puppy Who Was Buried Alive In Dirt

Police in Williston, Florida, got the shock of a lifetime while they were on duty. When they heard cries coming from behind some weeds and brush, they investigated further, and here’s what happened.

Once digging through the dirt, they discovered a live, breathing puppy buried six inches deep. A monster must have done this!
police find puppy 1

The vet determined the puppy was just 7 DAYS old. He was frightened, barely able to open his eyes.
police find puppy 2

But he’s in good hands now. They named him Tucker and kept him comfortable and cozy. 🙂
police find puppy 3

He even started bottle feeding , showing signs of being a healthy pup despite his rough start.
police find puppy 4

One of the vet techs fell in love with Tucker and adopted him. He’s now in his happy, safe forever home!
police find puppy 5

We don’t know who the monster is that buried a live puppy in the dirt, but we’re just really happy how this one ended. 


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