GIF Of Prince William Being Scolded By The Queen Takes The Internet By Storm

One was definitely not amused at Buckingham Palace recently, but thanks to this hilarious GIF, the rest of us certainly are. Take a look below to see what we mean. Prince William might be almost 34, but he’s never too old for a telling off!

The brilliant moment was captured during the Troop the Colour Ceremony. The Royal Family were observing the ceremony from the balcony of Buckingham Palace when Prince William knelt down to speak to Prince George. But Queen Elizabeth, well accustomed to maintaining decorum in public (even when wearing a green screen), was quick to remind him of his amateur mistake, and seconds later the Prince was back on his feet – albeit looking rather sheepish – while little Prince George summed up the moment with a perfectly-timed facepalm.

The GIF was shared on Twitter by journalist Brandon McGinley. “Come for the queen scolding William, stay for the George facepalm,” he wrote.

queen scolding prince william 1

Watch the video here:


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