Creative Ways You Can Upcycle Your Mismatched Socks Instead Of Throwing Them Away

repurpose mismatched socks 1
Some things in life are inevitable, and losing socks in the laundry is definitely one of them. But before you go stomping your feet, try repurposing those single socks with these creative projects!

Give Your Planters A Kick

It’s possible to turn a plain Jane planter into an adorable centerpiece, all by using a mismatched sock! Hopefully the sock monster in your home decided to swallow ones with a funky design – because these types will make your planter POP! Just look at how cute these ones turned out…
repurpose mismatched socks 2

Heading Out For A Run?

There’s no need to spend money on an iPhone arm band, when it’s easy to create your own (with a sock, of course!). After this simple project, you’ll be hitting the pavement accompanied by your favorite tunes. Feeling motivated? Learn all of the steps right here!

Turn Heads With A Sock Bun

Who knew that creating the perfect bun was easy as 1, 2, 3? Using a single sock and hair supplies, you’ll be looking fabulous in no time! The ladies at Friends With Benefit will show you how to create this rocking hairstyle.

repurpose mismatched socks 4

Get Your Floors In Shape

If you have one lonely chenille sock that you won’t be wearing anytime soon, then it’s time to give it a new purpose. Simply slide it onto your Swiffer base – and presto, it becomes a reusable static cloth! If only dusting the floor was that easy (sigh).
repurpose mismatched socks 5

While We’re On The Subject Of Cleaning…

Did you know that a sock is the perfect tool for making your blinds sparkle? Fill a bowl with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water, reach your hand inside of the sock – and get to work! By taking the chore into your own “hands,” it will allow you to reach all of the nooks and crannies with ease. Learn more about this idea right here!
repurpose mismatched socks 6

Craft An Adorable Coin Purse

Every Mom knows that it’s impossible to keep baby socks accounted for. Fortunately, this precious coin purse project will help you recycle those pair-less socks. What a beautiful way to memorialize your child’s itty-bitty feet!
repurpose mismatched socks 7

Decorate Your Garden With Sock Worms

If you enjoy bringing fun to the backyard, then this project is definitely for you! Start by gathering leftover socks from the laundry and head on outside. Next, fill them with a mixture of grass seed and soil, add some water – and then wait patiently for the worms to come to life. Just look at how amazing the ones below turned out! To learn more about this project, Karen has all of the details.
repurpose mismatched socks 8

Dress Up A Doll With A Sock-Dress

Why spend money on expensive doll clothes, when you can make her look like a million bucks with only a sock? All it takes is some calculated snips with scissors – and voila, you have a gorgeous new outfit! Just look how fabulous these little ladies look in their sock dresses…
repurpose mismatched socks 9

Soothe Soreness With A Sock

When you or your little one has an ache, a heating pad is always a comforting solution. Now you can create your own no-sew version using a long sock, rice, and most importantly – love. Get the full scoop right here!
repurpose mismatched socks 10

Watch this video to learn how to transform old socks into a huggable sock monkey!

A New Love For Laundry

Granted these projects won’t make doing laundry any less tedious – however, it’ll at least give you a chance to be on the lookout for mismatched socks. Be sure to share these ideas with your friends, and help put a stop to those single sock woes!

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