Officers Warn About Hidden Cameras Capturing Women In Public Restrooms

Police officers in Miami, Florida, are telling everyone to be on the lookout for suspicious- looking clothes hooks inside of public bathrooms when three hidden-camera hooks were discovered inside women’s bathrooms. The hooks, like the ones in the image below, look like a place to hang a purse or jacket, but they actually have a hidden camera inside the top of the hook.

Lt. Alberto Ramirez from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office told reporters that in addition to a device discovered in the bathroom stall of a local park, two more were found in local business restrooms.

The cameras in these hooks were motion-censored and aimed at the toilet, powered by batteries and containing a memory card.

“Our major crimes unit has assigned a female detective to look at the videos and try to identify the victims and also look at any other evidence that we can use against the suspect,” Ramirez told reporters.

He also said that they were actively looking for similar devices in other bathrooms.

The cameras used in these incidents are available in several online stores, sold as home security devices. The hooks are plastic and have a small hole in the base where the camera is located. While the investigation is focused mainly in Miami, women everywhere should report anything suspicious to local authorities.

“If you find anything suspicious you think might contain a hidden camera, don’t touch it. Call us right away and we will respond,” Sheriff Rick Ramsay.


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