7 Simple Exercises That Can Transform Your Body In Only Four Weeks

Staying shape is not an easy thing, but quickly getting into shape is even a more difficult task.  Here are 7 simple exercises that can change your body in as little as four weeks. You can do these exercises at home in just ten minutes a day.


simple exercises1

A plank is a static exercise, meaning you don’t need to move while doing it, just simply hold your body in the correct position instead. 


simple exercises2

In order to do a correct push-up, assume the plank as the initial position, and then push up with your arms. You have to keep your back, bottom, and legs in a straight line — this will strain your abs as well as your arms, and then return to the initial position as slowly as possible.

Toning your thigh and bottom muscles

simple exercises3

To begin the exercise as shown in the picture, prop yourself up on your hands and knees. Then, stretch one leg, trying to keep it straight and don’t lett it go to the side or bend while raising and stretching the opposite arm at the same time, then reverse sides.


simple exercises4

Squatting is all about balance, simple put your feet shoulder-width apart and stand on the soles of your feet. Begin squatting as if slowly sitting down on a low imaginary chair. Your knees and feet should form a straight line, while you pull the small of your back in as far as you can. 

Ab exercises

simple exercises5

Lay on your back and stretch your arms up while you slowly raise one of your legs, bent at the knee, and touch it with your hand, as you can see above. Return to the initial position and repeat with the other leg and arm. Don’t forget the left arm goes to the left leg, and the right arm goes to the right one.

Abs and buttocks

simple exercises6

First, prop yourself on your hands and feet so that your body forms a triangle above the floor, then raise one of your legs as high as you can, and then lower it slowly and try to touch the tip of your nose with your knee. Return to the initial position and do the same with the other leg.


simple exercises7

As in the photo above, stand with your legs set widely apart and slightly bent at the knees and with your back propped against the wall. Then, lace your fingers, or you can take a ball, and slowly move your hands from side to side, trying to touch the wall with them and, most importantly, keeping upright.
The four-week plan

Week 1:

Do the following for six days:

2 minutes plank;

1 minute push-ups;

1 minute abs and thighs;

1 minute abs;

1 minute abs and buttocks;

1 minute waist;

2 minutes plank.

Have a ten-second break between the exercises.

Week 2:

Alternate the following sets for 6 days.

Set 1:

3 minutes plank;

3 minutes abs;

3 minutes thighs and buttocks.

Have a 15-second break between the exercises.

Set 2:

3 minutes waist;

3 minutes push-ups;

3 minutes abs and buttocks.

Have a 15-second break between the exercises.

Week 3: repeat the Week 1 set.

Week 4: repeat the Week 2 sets.

If you do everything correctly, you will achieve amazing results in just a month and, as a bonus, develop a habit of doing this simple ten-minute set of exercises every day, but if you’d like to improve your body even more, then doubling the effort is all you need to do!


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