Puppy And His Soldier Reuniting After Iraq Is Heartwarming

Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch and the troops on his base in Iraq took joy in a stray puppy that had wandered onto the base one day. They named the loveable pup Ollie.

soldier puppy iraq

Ollie turned into quite the popular pet! He loved getting petted and would come up to the soldiers and cuddle up to them. Ken said the following: “He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back.”

He gave the base a huge morale boost. You couldn’t help but smile when Ollie was around.

Ken eventually returned back home. But word had it that Ollie was actually still stuck back in Iraq. Ken came up with a plan. He called SPCA International and asked if they would be able to get Ollie out of the dangerous Middle East, and have him shipped back to California. Somehow, everyone pulled together and made it happen! Ollie made the long trip to the states where his new home awaited, as did his familiar buddy, and now doggy daddy, Ken!


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