Tough Guys Blows The Judges Away With Their A Capella Voices

When four tough-looking men took the stage for “America’s Got Talent,” dressed all in black with tattoos, baseball caps, sunglasses and gold chains, it was clear that no one quite knew what to expect. The men answered questions in as few words as possible, building an uncomfortable atmosphere that even the audience could sense.

As the quartet begins to sing, however, it is immediately clear that the posturing was all an act, as the four “tough guys” performed an a cappella rendition of “Over the Rainbow” sweet enough to bring tears to the eyes and upstage Dorothy Gale herself.

The men, four friends collectively known as Linkin Bridge, have used their singing talent to play “don’t judge a book by its cover” pranks all over Louisville, Ky. Videos of the group Christmas caroling in wealthy Louisville neighborhoods and helping a man stage a wedding proposal have garnered them some local media attention.

But Linkin Bridge is poised for more than pranks. “We ain’t here to mess around. This is our chance to do what we’ve always dreamed of doing, our whole lives,” says member Montre Davis in the “America’s Got Talent” introductory segment.


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