When Judges See This Couple, They Are Shocked. Until They Begin Dancing…

A recent, inspiring performance on Britain’s Got Talent, had the judges giving a standing ovation.  The performers are 80-year-old Paddy and her much younger salsa instructor Nico. While it’s an odd pairing, and there are snide comments from Simon Cowell, this couple proved them all wrong.  

Paddy has some serious moves and this performance is packed with dazzling moments! 

Throughout her performance there are dips, spins, flips, dangerous drops, kicks and more. Paddy is unbelievably  flexible for an 80-year-old woman and the judges are floored. When the show is over, Paddy tells the crowd a truly heartbreaking and inspiring story which paints her entire routine in a whole new light. Simon Cowell is forced to eat his words.


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