Steven Tyler Brings Everyone In This Rehab Center To Tears With His Choice Of Song

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is no stranger to alcohol and drug addiction. Just a few years ago, he told Maui Drug Court graduates, “I’m a better drug addict and alcoholic than I am a musician. I got to keep in check.”

The rockstar confessed that he started getting high in the 1960s. He was first admitted to a rehabilitation center in 1984—at the time, he was shooting cocaine and at a dangerously low weight of 126 pounds.

“I had it all. I didn’t care. And I hurt my family and my children and my friends,” he continued. “If it wasn’t for the program of AA, I would have nothing.”

Tyler recently visited the Recovery Unplugged Drug Treatment Center to perform the 1993 hit “Amazing” for another group of clients. The 68-year-old can still belt his heart out with lyrics like, “It’s Amazing / When the moment arrives that you know you’ll be alright / It’s Amazing / And I’m sayin’ a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight.”

See the heartfelt performance below, and share it with someone who could benefit from it.


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