Who Would Have Thought Making Hanging Plants Is This Easy…

I love hanging baskets but hate how you only see the brown bottom when you put them up high and have to keep filling them with annual flowers. After my last hanging basket trick, readers and commenters suggested using two hanging planters and succulents … and it’s so cool!

I know what you are thinking.

“This working mother of two under 2 has time to garden?!”

No, I don’t. I make time. I make time because everybody needs a thing. This is my thing. And I don’t even know why it is my thing, but I can probably blame my mother.

When I was younger, I would watch her plant geraniums and impatiens every summer and remember my grandma always remarking on her “green thumb.” It was like her super power. She could make these beautiful plants grow!

Each year, I do my best to be like her. One day, that “green thumb” gene will surface. I just know it.

And when my children get old enough to help, it will be something that we can all do together.

So, this is just my thing. And I really love doing it.

I hope some of you like to gardening — but if you don’t, what is your thing?


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