He Found His Parents’ Wedding Footage From 1958 And Gave Them The Most Remarkable Gift

An insurance company posted a video that told the story of Joe and Beverly Smith’s special relationship with a classic vehicle. When high school sweethearts Joe and Beverly got married, they were just 19 years old. As they drove away from the church in their 1948 Plymouth convertible, they looked forward to what the future would bring.

For the Smiths, the future brought the threat of war and Joe was drafted and off to fight in the Korean Korean War in the 1950s. When Joe returned, the Smiths started their lives. Joe and Beverly started a family, while Joe eventually opened his own car dealership. When Joe and Beverly would talk about the past with their kids, one thing that always came up was the 1948 Plymouth convertible. Joe and Beverly had had to sell it when Joe went off to war, but it was still a source of happy memories.

Realizing how much the car meant to them and with their 60th anniversary coming up, the Smith’s son Joel decided that a 1948 Plymouth convertible would be the perfect gift. Joel scoured the Internet to see if anyone was selling one of the antique cars. He said he only found 4 for sale. The one he ended up purchasing belonged to an elderly man in Indiana. Joel arranged to have the car transported to upstate New York where the Smiths live. With the help of a few family friends, Joel was able to surprise his parents with the car.

When Joe saw the car pull up in his driveway, he was overjoyed. When Joel told him the car was for he and Beverly, Joe was in tears. Joe said the car is “classic,” just like he and Beverly. “It brings back the memories when we were young,” Joe said. “It’s like a gift from heaven. We’re gonna enjoy it from now until the end.”


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