Swedish Musician Has Crazy Idea To Build Instrument Whose Sound Is Created By Marbles…

Swedish musician Martin Molin has always had a fascination with weird instruments.  Because of this fascination with the bizarre, he has created the most insanely awesome instrument you have ever seen: the Wintergatan Marble Machine.

The Marble Machine is a hand-cranked monstrosity of a music box that features a vibraphone, a bass guitar, kick drum, cymbals, and a host of other instruments. The intricately complex system includes 2,000 cascading steel marbles.

When he spins the crank, those 2,000 marbles make their way through the inner workings of a machine.  There are over 3,000 internal parts, activating various instruments as they go. There is also a central wheel made of LEGO Technic parts that play a score programmed onto a 32-bar loop.

Molin said he got the idea from stumbling upon the subculture of marble machines  He wanted to make his version fully programmable.

It took him over 14 months to build the whole thing. Molin crafted most of the parts on the fly, but it is stationary since it would have to be totally disassembled to move it.


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