MLB Agent Caught Allegedly Filming Players In Shower

An agent for numerous minor and Major League Baseball players has been fired by his agency and has been suspended by the players’ union for allegedly filming his clients while they were taking showers.

Jason Wood, who was the president of the baseball at Career Sports Entertainment, has been let go by the company for which he had worked since April when CSE acquired the agency he founded.

agent filming players in shower

Jason Wood

A player who chose not to be identified recently took a shower at Wood’s home, according to the FanRag Sports report, and found a camera. The player fired Wood after a confrontation, and there is an investigation into him allegedly filming numerous others.

Wood denied the allegations to Yahoo Sports, calling them “absurd and untrue.”

“Over the past 13 years I have worked tirelessly to build a successful agency through integrity and hard work,” Wood said in a statement. “I am disappointed that there are those who have chosen to spread such irresponsible and harmful rumors.”

CSE immediately tried to distance itself from Wood.

“For over 32 years, CSE Talent has prided itself on our moral and ethical standards and have built a solid reputation within the industry. We take pride in working with people who represent these values,” CSE Talent president Danny Martoe said in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that CSE Talent aligned itself with someone who didn’t uphold these same standards and therefore we chose to terminate with cause Wood’s employment.”

Wood, who was based in St. Louis, represented Red Sox star Andrew Benintendi as well as former Yankee David Phelps and the Rays’ Jake Odorizzi, among others, according to Sports Business Daily.

Before CSE bought his business, Wood had worked for Arland Sports, which he established in 2006.

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