“Granny Pods” Are Newest Trend For Families Who Want To Take Care Of Aging Parents

When we are children, we rely on our parents for everything from shelter and food to emotional care and support. However, we find ourselves returning the favor as caretakers for our aging parents.

Recent statistics show that approximately 23 million Americans are caring for their elderly parents. The majority of these people have to choose between moving their parents to a nursing home or letting them live alone.

For many of these people, neither option is right for them or their parents. Now there is a solution that allows families to stay together while still providing their parents a sense of independence.

This solution is called “Granny Pods.” These are small homes that help bring families closer together, without all family members living under the same roof.

“Granny Pods,” also known as MED Cottages, are the latest trend when it comes to caring for the elderly.

MED Cottages provide a living space for elderly parents to live in their children’s backyard and still have a space to call their own. Like small apartments, these cottages can be set up in a matter of weeks and are equipped like a hospital room.

The price for one of these cottages can range from $85,000 to $125,000. They are approximately the size of a large master bedroom and even include a small outside patio for the elderly to enjoy.


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