Sheriff’s Made A Little Girl’s Day

Yesterday Deputy Zach Ropos was on patrol and stopped by a little girl’s lemonade stand to make a purchase. He asked the little girl, named Gabrielle, what she was going to do with all her money. She explained that she wanted to buy an iPad so she could play games on it and go on the internet for school. She knew her family was having a very difficult time financially and she knew that she would have to work hard this summer selling lemonade to get enough to buy one on her own.

Deputy Ropos went home after his shift to find an iPad he had that was an older model. He wanted to give it to her. When he found out it didn’t work, he went out last night and bought her a new one on his own.

Today Deputy Ropos presented Gabrielle with her very own computer tablet. The gift became even more valuable when Gabrielle’s mother told him that just before he arrived Gabrielle offered to give all of her lemonade money to her mom to buy gas for the car!

I am sure he will be embarrassed to hear this highlighted and that it was never his intention to get recognized. But great job Deputy Ropos on making this little girl’s day! You really made a difference. And all of the best to Gabrielle and her new iPad.

officer kind act

Police officers risk their lives to protect our communities every day. but many, like Officer Ropos, often go above and beyond their call of duty, expecting nothing in return.


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