Husband Screams Abuse At Wife After Secretly Filming Her

A suspicious husband was caught on camera hurling abuse at his wife over the phone after catching her touching another man’s bare chest in a hidden camera set-up.

Screened on the YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, the controversial video sees a Muslim man named Mohammed Ahmed explain how he doesn’t trust his wife – explaining this as the reason for his decision to try and trick her into cheating.

Speaking to creator Luis Mercado, the man explained that when the couple lived in his native Pakistan, his American wife was well behaved, however since their return to the US, she has been fraternizing with a female friend he didn’t trust.

To Catch A Cheater

Candid camera: A suspicious husband has been filmed trying catch his wife cheating on him by paying hidden camera crew company To Catch A Cheater to put her to the ultimate test

To Catch A Cheater

Sneak peek: In the video, the man named Mohammed Ahmed watched his wife Farah (pictured right) speaking to fitness model Connor Murphy (pictured left)

To Catch A Cheater

Flirtatious: Connor, initially dressed in disguise, engages the women in conversation and asks them if they find pictures of him with his shirt off attractive

‘Back in Pakistan, I tell her, you sit home, she sits home. I tell her to come, she covers face, she comes. Here, phone, phone, every time phone. I do not like.’

‘Americano good, girls no good,’ he added.

‘We beat in Pakistan, beat…’

The couple has been married for eight years and living in America for three.

The episode created with fitness model Connor Murphy, saw Connor approach the man’s wife while she was out having dinner with her friend.

As the woman and her friend were leaving the restaurant, Connor dressed in a disguise, approached them and told them he was making a video for YouTube.

He then showed the two women pictures of himself with his shirt off and asked them to comment on his appearance.

The women said the man in the pictures looked ‘gay’, because of the way he was posing, and also shared that he looked ‘high-maintenance’.

They also said that he had a ‘super cute face’.

Connor, still in disguise, then asked the women if they had boyfriends and Mohammed’s wife immediately told him she was married.

And when he asked if her husband was high-maintenance, she responded that he wasn’t and also revealed that she wouldn’t want her husband to look like the man in the pictures.

‘This guy probably goes to the gym every day for about two hours,’ she said.

Connor then asked the women: ‘What would you guys do if he was here right now?’ referring to himself.

The wife’s friend said she probably wouldn’t even notice him, and when asked if she would stare or flirt with him, the wife responded that she wouldn’t.

To Catch A Cheater

Seemingly innocent” As Mohammed watches, he becomes irrate that his wife continues speaking to Connor, despite the conversation remaining innocent

To Catch A Cheater

Show and tell: However when he took his shirt off and asked if his pecs were real, touched his body to see if he had implants

‘I’m a married woman so I wouldn’t do anything but I’ll definitely check him out, she admitted. ‘Even though I think he’s gay,’ she added.

When Connor revealed his true identity, he took his shirt off to display his six-pack and Mohammed’s wife asked if his pecs were real.

When he invited her to touch his chest to see if they were real or implants, the wife timidly touched his chest and then asked for the camera to stop filming her.

Connor then flexed his biceps and told the women to hang off his arms. Still unaware that she was being filmed, she did so and then touched his six-pack.

However, when he asked for her number so he could send her the video, the wife responded that although he was ‘young’ and ‘cute, she was married and declined.

She then offered that maybe her single friend might like his number.

However, Connor persisted in testing her, asking her if she would give him her number is she wasn’t married.

‘If I wasn’t married, I would do a lot more with you, trust me,’ she admitted.

As the women walked away, the camera returned to Mohemmed and Luis to gauge his reaction.

‘I’d say she passed man,’ Luis told Mohammed.

However, Mohammed didn’t agree, asking how he could think that after his wife touched Connor’s ‘boobs’.

‘She’s hanging on another person, touching on another person, jumping on another person,’ Mohammed said.

‘If she has a husband, she needs to stay at home. Discipline, that’s what you learn.’

He also explained that she should have learned this discipline from her parents and her behavior was ‘too much’.

Close to tears, Mohammed then told Luis, it was ‘too much’ before losing his temper and claiming ‘this is the problem with America, nobody can trust anybody’.

To Catch A Cheater

Rage: When Mohammed saw what his wife had done he lost his temper

To Catch A Cheater

Over reacting: Despite his wife remaining loyal to him, Mohammed got very upset by her actions

To Catch A Cheater

Double standards: He told her she should not behave like ‘white people’ and also told the camera she deserved to be beaten because of her actions

And when he was asked what he would have done if he was in his wife’s position, he replied, ‘Man can do anything. But a woman needs to behave, they need to stay at home, take care of the kids and cook food, that’s what they learn from their house, their parents.’

When he was asked if he could forgive his wife for her actions, Mohammed revealed that he believed his wife should be lashed.

Crying he said: ‘I didn’t expect her to do this you know. Now I will kick her out of my house. I don’t want to stay with her anymore. I’m going to call her dad.’

‘I don’t mind if she talked to him a little bit but it’s good that I tested her, realize and watch who she is, you know,’ he added.

The man then called his wife named Farrah to confront her, and tell her he had seen a video of her with a guy without a shirt, after initially asking her several questions about what she had done that day.

He then asked her if she had climbed on a guy without a shirt, and despite the wife telling him to calm down, her husband kept shouting at her, telling her she wouldn’t do this in Pakistan and that ‘we don’t do what white people do’.

When she told him they were in America, he lost his temper, screaming hysterically, despite his wife telling him nothing happened.

‘I’m sorry but nothing happened,’ she said.

She then blamed her friend and told her husband her friend made her do it.

‘You’re not allowed to go with her anymore,’ he retorted.

And when his wife insisted they were in America and that he needed to calm down, she said she would talk to him when she got home before hanging up.

He then told her not to come home and kept shouting that he was going to kick her out of the house as the cameras stopped rolling and he stormed out.

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